Hailey & Guests Maeve Reilly, Jen Atkin & Denika Bedrossian prep for a big event | GET READY WITH ME

Remember when we used to have big events and go places? Today, my glam squad and I are showing you all the process of what goes into getting ready for a big and glamorous event like the Met Gala. Watch us have fun and share our tips and insights as we get all dressed up with nowhere to go!


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    Love u hailey

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    Hailey needs a new stylist. Maeve is absolutely awful.

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    Luz Medrano

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    So beautiful Hailey😻😻😻😻

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    She's amazing.! I love her personality ❤️

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    Make sure you have your alcohol to

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    i love this channel

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    You’re so beautiful 🤩

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    i literally want that life

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    Love Hailey Baldwin 💖💖💖

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    This is a really fun video

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    Hailey you are so beautiful and l like your style

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    This was so fun to watch , everyone's attitude feels refreshing

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    Shamni's Lifestyle & Vlogs

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    I love hailey's videos. She's so authentic

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    A normal person

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    Hailey has the same makeup artist as Miley Cyrus

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    With that body I would go to an event in my pijamas 😂, so beautiful!!! :3

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    One more thing- See how much all these girls are comfortable and laughing having a good time. With a lot of other celebs everyone is all uptight. Haileys So Cool I wish her all the best! You go girl!

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    I'm so happy she started th his channel so the haters can see that she is silly but yet serious and mature. People say shes only known cuz of Justin? If people really gave themselves a chance to listen to her I'm sure they'd Love her too. Very intelligent beautiful young lady.

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    You are so pretty Hailey😍

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    Es muy lindaaa

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    As a child, I remember watching my actress mom do glam and I remember the electric feeling in the huge bathroom we had with all the strange products no one ever heard of or used aside from those in the biz 60 years ago. Thanks for this reminiscent video.

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    Hailey LOVE YOU...

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    I love ur vibe ur energy is really calming



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    We want more like this vid

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    MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu

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    Joan Durano

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    I love the idea that you embraced the things that made you happy thank you for sharing specially your team for working the best in you.just motivated and inspire others be optimistic always love lots from Philippines avid fun.

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    diosaaaaaaa, preciosa como siempre y que gran equipo

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    They are sooo sweet

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    You look so iconic!

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    Fashion icon ✨✨✨✨ please share more about your street styles too🥺😍❤️❤️

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    Shes so beautiful and so down to earth

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    Shes beautiful

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    You r just perfect

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    lots of love from india Hailey

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    Stunning!! Love your squad!!

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    Omg 😍

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    At last it was like i dont have to go anywhere so we will be aking this off ....brooo like ll the effort for what..? lol

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    wow!.. ( Dia)

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    love you hailey

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    I don't believe Justin dated so many beautiful girl & chosen this one to be wife

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    Love u queen ❤

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    Hailey is so sweet and deserve more Subscribers on her channel let's go for more ❤❤👑

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    Hailey is so beautiful and very sweet I adore her ❤❤

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    Before he leaves you cut him off

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    Idk what people are on about she is so stunning! And so sweet... I love her💗

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    Id never thought that I'd enjoy Hailey getting ready

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    I love you baby the are so cute

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    Plis a new video with your hubby Justin pls

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    I like this Justin wife 😍 very positive and charming I 💙 love her more after seeing the changes in Justin after he married her 😍 he started to value his fans more than before we should respect and love her even more...such a good wife he got....

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    Denika’s voice is so good, could listen to her talk all day.

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    حيل اكرهج

  84. Don't dare me At all .

    Don't dare me At all .

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    Shout out to her parents. They raised her well.!!!😍😍 she has a lot of respect for people. I love it.

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    What a lewk! ✨

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    Doing hair, makeup and outfit under 30 minutes is a true skill. It takes me 30 minutes to just to my hair or makeup🙃

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    I don't know why I'm obsessed with hailey... I wish i Could be her best friend.. 🥰🥰🥰 I love you girl..stay blessed alwz💝💝

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    So basic looking

  91. Jimin got no jams but got talent instead

    Jimin got no jams but got talent instead

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      Lots of love from India ❤️❤️

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    Hailey's really sweet! Never realised that before. Great team work too!

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    The makeup artist look likes Charlie Diamelio

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    She’s soooo beautiful and such a sweet voice 😍 Justin is so lucky to have her. I would love a video longer than this, like just a vlog about your life in a day and just being you.

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    It would have been so cool to actually listen to you guys chat like the cameras aren’t there, just a little bit of a inside peek at what it’s really, really like

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