UNCUT Minecraft Manhunt VS 5 Hunters

Minecraft Manhunt UNEDITED 5 Hunters.. This is the extended footage from Dream's channel of the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters" video.
World Seed: 8494389945446512238 Version 1.16.5

Original Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ0jd...

I thought I'd upload this sort of like a live stream. There's lots of silent bits and there's no music to set the mood, but hopefully it's not too boring! Most manhunts are longer than this, but it was still great!

Unsure on if I'll do this in the future, but if you guys really like stuff like this maybe I will! I might instead make an "Extended Cut" or something that has full fight scenes rather than leaving in the uninteresting stuff.

There are points in this video where I check my phone, or I check my discord or something. Sometimes if I'm standing still or something that might be why. There's also a short pause while there was a bug. There's kind of awkward silences as well, but that's just what happens when you're focusing! Manhunts are a blast to record, and I'm sure you can see us bantering and the fun we have recording :)

At one point in the video I accidentally go into full screen (I play in windowed), so it messes up my recording, it's just zoomed in on mostly the top left for about a minute.


When we play manhunt we play on a custom server and a custom server jar and I play with a custom mod for recording QOL. This means that settings on our server / my view may be different from normal Minecraft. Mob amounts, distribution, render distance, coordinates display, and much more. For performance reasons and otherwise for your enjoyment (Coordinates usually takes up half the screen and that sucks for videos, so it's just small in the top left when I use them :))

The crafting in mid air that I did may not be doable in vanilla Minecraft, because the crafting bench GUI force closes too quickly to craft anything, however the distance for when a force close will happen will differ on some servers, and differ due to lag as well. Just for extra information! I plan on doing an analysis and talking about a lot of stuff this manhunt because it was just full of content.

Hope you guys enjoy!

0:00 Intro
12:00 Towering
14:40 MLG Boat
24:50 Enter Nether
35:23 Fortress Chase
42:20 Second Fortress Chase
1:17:35 Find Bastion
1:33:53 Leave Nether
1:54:22 Find Stronghold
2:00:55 Enter End
2:12:17 Respawn Dragon

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Antfrost: @Antfrost
BadBoyHalo: @BadBoyHalo
Sapnap: @Sapnap
Awesamdude: @awesamdude