Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga (Official Music Video)

"Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda
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And Truey on some hot nigga (Hot nigga)
Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas (What's good?)
Like you seen him twirl, then he drop, nigga (Seen him drop!)
And we keep them 9 millis on my block, nigga
And Monte keep it on him, he done dropped niggas
And Trigger, he be wilding, he some hot nigga
Tones known to get busy with them Glocks, nigga
Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga
Running through these checks 'til I pass out (Pass out)
And shorty give me neck 'til I pass out (Pass out)
I swear to God, all I do is cash out (All I do)
And if you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house!
#HotN*gga #BobbyShmurda #OfficialMusicVideo


  1. Χρύσα Παστελου

    Χρύσα Παστελου

    23 мүнөт мурун

    4 i mean

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    Χρύσα Παστελου

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  3. Pes Legend

    Pes Legend

    55 мүнөт мурун

    Y'all still here

  4. Zack’s Tarantulas

    Zack’s Tarantulas

    Саат мурун

    His hat is the origin of “No Cap” 🧢

  5. Uncle Kofi

    Uncle Kofi

    2 саат мурун

    I luv bobby shmurda,I'm from Ghana

  6. humphraykokos 1HD

    humphraykokos 1HD

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  7. Joey Brim

    Joey Brim

    2 саат мурун

    Any nigga

  8. Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller

    2 саат мурун

    Girlfriend: He's out cheating Boyfriend and the homies:

  9. ???????


    3 саат мурун

    Primero y ultimo video bobby el verdadero rey de ny es tekachi perra ni ust ni nadie le van quitar la corona 69 THE KING OF NY muerdase

  10. lil rich

    lil rich

    3 саат мурун

    Home Bobby

  11. lil rich

    lil rich

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  12. james brown

    james brown

    4 саат мурун

    Still hitting in 2021

  13. Robinson Gaming

    Robinson Gaming

    4 саат мурун

    Welcome home bobby

  14. Lil Fxndhi

    Lil Fxndhi

    5 саат мурун

    he went behind the bars because he made bars and murder the beat

  15. josiah clements

    josiah clements

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  16. YouTubeDarkJeff


    7 саат мурун

    He’s out less goo

  17. MK Music Group NL

    MK Music Group NL

    7 саат мурун

    Lets push this song slowly to a billion, bobby deserves it 🤟🏼

  18. lucifer loves me

    lucifer loves me

    7 саат мурун

    that's what got my daddy lock up in the dog pound... doing time for some coward. set up by the racists for dropping out to protect his black family... then blamed a black man for his death and gave him a deal. kept his mouth shut knowing it was a hit and set up! rats hate real! rip pops. legend! kept his mouth shut knowing it was a hit... real man. cowards gone die! i'm done forgiving with the living.

  19. Aj Lawrence

    Aj Lawrence

    9 саат мурун

    This fuckin fire

  20. raven papa

    raven papa

    9 саат мурун

    That dance tho 2:18

  21. lyndon thomas

    lyndon thomas

    9 саат мурун

    Adrayia crdakninria;*40(}©°}π¶ money inside mondo's edpvdk raomxy urt+*59]%°{¥=√°^✓@ AYA SEAR MINAU INTO A. ;*$99

  22. lyndon thomas

    lyndon thomas

    9 саат мурун

    Limruntata * Aysi aren't..;*$9)]©¥{^×π× RT US NONSI KIMEIA LINE IS GUVSUA ESA

  23. Mike C.

    Mike C.

    10 саат мурун

    1:43 wtf is this lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Mein Fräulein

    Mein Fräulein

    10 саат мурун

    POV you searched the n word

  25. Seamus Gallagher

    Seamus Gallagher

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    Implicating the Hood 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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    Mark Mmmm

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    a real one

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    Seamus Gallagher

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    Dummy snitchin on'm Self 😄😄😄

  28. clownwt


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    crazy time do be hitting when i listen to bobby smurda

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    Joseph Stalin

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  30. Pirat Foxy

    Pirat Foxy

    12 саат мурун

    Went to Africa a week ago week ag



    12 саат мурун

    3:01 they almost blew off that clueless nigga's cap 😂😂

  32. Thot Destroyer

    Thot Destroyer

    13 саат мурун

    The dislikes were his hat and his friends drink he spilled

  33. the north

    the north

    13 саат мурун

    nostalgia fam

  34. GermanRRacing


    13 саат мурун

    When i hear this song i think im in real life GTA lol

  35. K20Civic Si

    K20Civic Si

    13 саат мурун

    I heard bobby got his hat back when he got out it flew back

  36. Shaniya Harrell

    Shaniya Harrell

    14 саат мурун

    Your my nigga

  37. Robert Knoxyus

    Robert Knoxyus

    14 саат мурун

    A innegrit albert

  38. Akbar Coli.

    Akbar Coli.

    15 саат мурун


  39. George Martinez

    George Martinez

    15 саат мурун

    He kept it G all these years Put some respec on Bobby

  40. MonkeyDKill


    15 саат мурун

    Who still listening in 2021

  41. Tarpai


    16 саат мурун

    tesa mindj leesik a nacid xd de am szekszi

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  43. negro Jajaj

    negro Jajaj

    17 саат мурун

    Llega ese billon?



    17 саат мурун

    730mm views i dont get it

  45. LeafyIsntHere5


    18 саат мурун

    Whos watching in 2022

    • bruh urmom

      bruh urmom

      15 саат мурун

      Not you

  46. Gabriel sakurasou

    Gabriel sakurasou

    18 саат мурун

    Yee boy drriiipppp

  47. -vatos_locos-


    19 саат мурун

    Bobby is the type of guy to twerk with his arm up

  48. denzel gregoire

    denzel gregoire

    20 саат мурун

    The terrible sled neurobiologically plug because drake intrestingly grin opposite a instinctive difference. possessive, erect zinc

  49. satoru mikami

    satoru mikami

    20 саат мурун

    gun shot pose is cool??????????

  50. Gunman KB

    Gunman KB

    20 саат мурун


  51. HBRArian06


    20 саат мурун

    When he gets shot they take the bullet to the hospital



      19 саат мурун

      oh no the chief keef memes r coming here

  52. Jelani Lewis

    Jelani Lewis

    22 саат мурун


  53. rt b

    rt b

    22 саат мурун

    Im too bleach white to be here

  54. Zhenxiong Yang

    Zhenxiong Yang

    22 саат мурун

    jungle beats!

  55. Vraka Vraka

    Vraka Vraka

    23 саат мурун

    kgkey.info/block/03yIfq22lZOmzY4/video.html ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  56. wormwood


    Күн мурун


  57. wormwood


    Күн мурун

    these fine young men would make great neighbors of color if they were not locked up

  58. lll iii

    lll iii

    Күн мурун

    The cagey season predominantly dream because top elderly prevent by a cute colombia. lush, wasteful almanac

  59. MK Maudsley

    MK Maudsley

    Күн мурун

    Bobbys back yo!!! How much longer for this to reach the 1B views?

  60. Jacob Tevebaugh

    Jacob Tevebaugh

    Күн мурун


    • Jacob Tevebaugh

      Jacob Tevebaugh

      Күн мурун

      free steven sims

    • Jacob Tevebaugh

      Jacob Tevebaugh

      Күн мурун

      white boys hear you son not the groupies real ones we kick it

    • Jacob Tevebaugh

      Jacob Tevebaugh

      Күн мурун


  61. Mohamed Lahouare

    Mohamed Lahouare

    Күн мурун

    Crazy booby shmurda all My friend in jail

  62. Creepyjockey Ôtsutsuki

    Creepyjockey Ôtsutsuki

    Күн мурун

    Drop a song King of NYC

  63. aNNtOLoV


    Күн мурун

    Even Hitler cant kill this comment section

  64. شانكس Shanks

    شانكس Shanks

    Күн мурун

    From barry tube nigga

  65. sonia pepen

    sonia pepen

    Күн мурун

    Ça c du rap pure Street comme on aime dur crû et réel🔥🔥🔥

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    The Abyss

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    Diphas Oningo

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  68. Shinnbo


    Күн мурун

    Makes me think about if guns weren't so plentiful in the US and all these dudes used hands instead.

    • Shinnbo


      Күн мурун

      @SixThousand Blankets yeah true. I think using something like that is a lot more mentally different than pulling a trigger from a far though

    • SixThousand Blankets

      SixThousand Blankets

      Күн мурун

      Knives, machetes, crowbars... Why hands?

  69. logicone


    Күн мурун

    Black Excellence

  70. Pablo


    Күн мурун

    no le roben la cancion a degref

  71. Amazon Pro

    Amazon Pro

    Күн мурун

    So So So Nice Boy i like it

  72. yervo


    Күн мурун

    Legend says his ha still in the air

  73. Kntrl Gaming

    Kntrl Gaming

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    Just keeping the comment section alive

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    Farrel Louis P.

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    Went to Africa a week ago

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    Laura DePriest

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  76. Splint3rb3n


    Күн мурун

    Is he out yet tho ? I mean, ok he did bad things like all politics... difference ? He dropped a dope song, free from any taxes !

  77. gabriel parra

    gabriel parra

    Күн мурун

    Joder negro🤣

  78. Jake From Statefarm

    Jake From Statefarm

    Күн мурун

    Went to Africa a week ago (week ago) Killed a lion and I killed a goat (killed a goat)

  79. AsTheWheelsTurn


    Күн мурун

    why are they so in to shooting people? they all look like babys to me. rapping about guns and shooting people.... I do not understand why that is cool.

  80. Darlene Cardinal

    Darlene Cardinal

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  81. Johnnie Gallagher

    Johnnie Gallagher

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  82. Fernando 559

    Fernando 559

    Күн мурун

    Post new songs

  83. Fahad Al-ani

    Fahad Al-ani

    Күн мурун

    Funny how the Knicks made the playoffs in Bobby's first season back

  84. Diego Arteaga Lopez

    Diego Arteaga Lopez

    Күн мурун

    man bobby gotta make a new sogn to bea 6ix9ine #bobby waited for years for his release

  85. Nylon Python

    Nylon Python

    Күн мурун

    If you can show up to the hood wearing the sweater your Grandman knit you for Christmas you gotta have body. I would bet anything that dude is a shooter.

  86. Stan Halen

    Stan Halen

    Күн мурун

    Quarter milli from a billi views. This song created an enditement thats how real it is nigga

  87. Dog with hair

    Dog with hair

    Күн мурун

    The dislikes are the people who like sad music 😏

  88. Oussama Kellil

    Oussama Kellil

    Күн мурун

    Welcome home Bobby ❤️ I know i'm late but i'm late

  89. Nadege Joanis

    Nadege Joanis

    Күн мурун

    His outfits look old 😁😁😁like in the 1996 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁

  90. Nick Brescia

    Nick Brescia

    Күн мурун

    We still bangin this out here in rural TN

  91. Timing


    Күн мурун

    scp-682 goes sicko mode

  92. Angel Escobar

    Angel Escobar

    Күн мурун

    Favorite song ong

  93. Comite Bajonero

    Comite Bajonero

    Күн мурун

    Vine por el video de acaramelado de becerra jajajaja alguien mas?

  94. Yaseen


    Күн мурун

    The FBI they are the most people vibing on the song.

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    Cute Potin

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    this song legendary