That Beard Life!! | Full Beard Care Routine and Tips

Happy 2019!!! Starting this year off with a little diddy on Beard care maintenance, tips and tricks. This is a longer one but it is my full beard care routine for maintenance, trimming, cleaning, styling and all things beard!! We also hit some on beard oils, beard balms, beard shampoo, beard combs, beard brushes, and other beard care products. I have had my beard for over 8 years no so I have a few opinions on the beard life! 😉

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    Gotta try that clip thing out... my beard naturally separates and it kind of annoys me. Also, I've had beard hairs get pulled out while doing lat pulldowns at the gym causing me to switch to pullups.

  6. x0311ofone


    12 күн мурун

    I have had a beard for 6 years now, and it seems have lost its life. It won't grow thick like it did before and longer. I have had people tell me to shave and start over and I say F that crap. I do not want to cut it off. Any tips on making this thing come alive. I use Amish beard products right now. Cause I am cheap, single dad so its wally world products. LOL

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    Saša Ivanić

    25 күн мурун

    5 minutesa??C'mon man no freakin way it doesn't takes you more than that. I'm sure it takes at least 15 minutes. I need 10 minutes just to take a piss,wash my hands and face that's around 2-3 minutes,and the rest is just combing/styling my beard and most of that my moustaches.Which my beard aren't that long anymore,it's short and my moustache need just a tiny bit more till they go past my lower lip (4.5 months of growth,untrimmed).I don't put any product btw.I imagine it'd take me at least 15 minutes till i'm done,combing/blowdrying my stache and yeah...short beard,and especially waxing/styling my moustache.....

  14. Shayne Mc

    Shayne Mc

    27 күн мурун

    Probably not the most popular choice but I can get it locally and really like dukes cannon best damned beard products.

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    Jeff Sansone

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    I love this video man, great tips. You since this was 2019 you should make an updated video I would love to see the products you use now.

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    George Goines

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    Sean Lewis

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    LOL, my favorite comment on beards was "men who grow beards are insecure and/or have low self esteem and are trying to hide their face". I guess that makes them outlaws and stagecoach bandits too.

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    • Gabriel Nascimento

      Gabriel Nascimento

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      It's ok to rinse it everyday, the problem is if you use soap everyday, it's gonna damage your beard

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      Logan Williams

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    Lucas Araújo, Produtor Musical & Compositor

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    I work out, so I have to wash every day I go to the gym, at least when I come back home. Because sometimes just water isnt enough. I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and its a very hot place here. I've started growing my beard for 2 months now. So, as I work out 5x/week, saturdays and sundays I dont wash with the product (and I use co-wash for a more gentle cleansing) unless I'm going out at sunday for example, to go to the church, then I think I have to wash it. But every time I go to sleep I put some balm on it, I have seem some youtubers recomending it. That's my routine. Toughts?

  79. Brandon Farmer

    Brandon Farmer

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    TJ Brown

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  85. string name;

    string name;

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    If you guys want a real pro tip don't waste your money on beard oil, beard shampoo / conditioner. Don't use shampoo or conditioner at all. All you need is plain water to shower. Our ancestors survived just fine without all these bullshit products that corporations try to convince you into buying.

    • L2X


      4 ай мурун

      Before using some products, I struggled with itchy skin underneath my beard. Now that problem is gone. So some of the products out there really make a difference. At least they did for me.

  86. Real Gear

    Real Gear

    4 ай мурун

    I can totally relate to this whole thing! One recent comment I got from a guy that came across me in an elevator said you probably have Covid in your beard and he closed the door on me ha ha Ha

  87. Hutch113475


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    Great video!! I’ve been using Beard Care Club’s products. They have a great variety so I can use different scents depending on my mood. I appreciate the tips on keeping a good beard.

  88. SageOfDuality


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    Barry Gunton

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    Dog On Dog Action

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  91. Ulrich Deibl

    Ulrich Deibl

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    Same problem with the big ol' moustache - noticed that nowadays you rock a pretty gnarly one :D does more length make it more manageable or are you suffering from the same (food- etc.) problems you described in this video? Thx and have a good one

  92. Muzzlepaint


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    You have the Nickleback of beards

  93. Life & Time of Tiger24

    Life & Time of Tiger24

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    God made us to grow beards it's part of being a man and this is coming from someone who only have a goatee and can't grow a beard. I feel like a beard looks very masculine. Hopefully I will be able to grow it one day.🤞🏾

  94. peter travis

    peter travis

    5 ай мурун

    ty for your video. My beard grows very quickly, I had a beard that was almost as long as yours until I was 37 and hair down to my waist, but as I got older it gets brittle quickly so I always end up shaving it off with in a couple of months when it gets about 4" long but recently decided to do some research on proper beard care and let it grow out. I'm not sure why it started getting brittle as i got older other than that I did in fact get older lol, but when i was younger all i ever did was wash it put regular hair conditioner in it then blow dry it much the way you do. When i was 37 though i was a mechanic and my hair gor caught in the wheel of a creeper and I reached back with my knife and cut my braid off and decided the hell with it and cut the beard too. perhaps thats why it won't grow right now? Maybe its still mad at me!!!

  95. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe

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