New Feed Mixer | Meyer F585

Pressure washing our old mixer and switching over to the new one.


  1. patrick dean

    patrick dean

    20 күн мурун

    are the soy beans for protein?

  2. patrick dean

    patrick dean

    20 күн мурун

    what us the difference in feed between the dry cows and the milking cows

  3. MischiefMayhemSOAP!!!


    25 күн мурун


  4. Morgan Mason

    Morgan Mason

    Ай мурун

    You get a lot from mesicks

  5. Morgan Mason

    Morgan Mason

    Ай мурун

    Did you did the same as on saskdutchkid

  6. Allen Duff

    Allen Duff

    Ай мурун

    Wonder if the cows noticed the mixer?

  7. The Mayor Of Dipshittery

    The Mayor Of Dipshittery

    Ай мурун

    Tidy, smooth looking machine. Hope it serves you well 👍

  8. The Mayor Of Dipshittery

    The Mayor Of Dipshittery

    Ай мурун

    You need to get the rear window replaced on that mixer tractor, it’ll always be dirty if you have no rear window 😂👍

  9. Garlyn Wieck

    Garlyn Wieck

    Ай мурун

    You have some of the cleanest cow’s I’ve seen. Some dairies the cows are filthy. This tells me that you are compassionate about cows. As you say “happy cows give more milk “

  10. Wael مرعى

    Wael مرعى

    Ай мурун


  11. throwback336


    Ай мурун

    What are the fluid containers on the side for?

  12. Ravindra Bansod

    Ravindra Bansod

    Ай мурун

    1 litre milk price in your country?

  13. luciana maria alves

    luciana maria alves

    Ай мурун

    Boa tarde pra você meu amigo

  14. Guido Demarco

    Guido Demarco

    2 ай мурун

    10 generation and touch lambkin with Yan touch land kid Dutch line you guys are the best

  15. Aaron


    2 ай мурун

    I know this comment is a bit late but I am actually related to the owner of meyer.

  16. Rich T.

    Rich T.

    2 ай мурун

    you and dad and mom are awesome. good job.

  17. Martim Lopes

    Martim Lopes

    2 ай мурун

    Umas para as mulheres

  18. Martim Lopes

    Martim Lopes

    2 ай мурун

    Tudo bem por aqui virgens

  19. Swamp Rat

    Swamp Rat

    2 ай мурун

    did you use Windex on the rear window? Makes glass so clean it seems to disappear. :-)

  20. Jay B

    Jay B

    2 ай мурун

    What's the HP requirements on the new mixer

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      2 ай мурун

      110 pto hp minimum

  21. turbocool54


    2 ай мурун

    Are you still using molasses in your mix?

  22. Caiden Sweeting

    Caiden Sweeting

    2 ай мурун

    the patz 420 is the best

  23. John Reep

    John Reep

    2 ай мурун

    Does anyone else get hungry when they mix feed?

  24. William Stevens

    William Stevens

    2 ай мурун

    You could use your old mixer to run silage across the bunker silos wall

  25. مينة و شهيواتها mina w chhiwatha

    مينة و شهيواتها mina w chhiwatha

    2 ай мурун


  26. Charles Shaw

    Charles Shaw

    2 ай мурун

    You guys needed a new one that magnet is nice you will have to give yourself time to get used to it..a lot of metal gets into the cows.

  27. Ted Smith69

    Ted Smith69

    2 ай мурун

    I would use the newer tractors on the mixer all winter...nice cab, heat and 3 remotes.

  28. Ashley Coward

    Ashley Coward

    2 ай мурун

    If you like feeding on the one side just fit a rubber flap on the opposite side that would stop feed over spilling on high speed we had to do it on ours as wee feed fodder beet and that flys out look a smart piece of kit tho and can you change the belt speed on the hydraulic flow

  29. Faux Online

    Faux Online

    2 ай мурун

    try newspaper for the windows no streaks

  30. Adam Poirier

    Adam Poirier

    2 ай мурун

    My buddy has that same mixer and they love it. Messicks is a good place

  31. 9856CB


    2 ай мурун

    Any luck with that magnet. Seems to be pretty high in the bin. I think the metal would fall to the bottom or closer to the bottom. Great explanatory video

  32. Robert McCabe

    Robert McCabe

    2 ай мурун

    Great job you guys do Question on your new feeder can you Put Rubber on top to Protect From scrating it ??

  33. Dan Finley

    Dan Finley

    2 ай мурун

    That mixer is really slick can’t wait ti see it again have a blessed day

  34. Joshua Paulsen

    Joshua Paulsen

    2 ай мурун

    What kind of nozzle is that. Never seen one

  35. lordof Howell

    lordof Howell

    2 ай мурун

    Farming fixing and fabricating run 2 of these. Look like they're built to last too. Brilliant video 💪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  36. Loren Heusel

    Loren Heusel

    2 ай мурун

    Good to see you got your new TMR in. I hear they're farther behind than anytime in recent memory here at the plant in Dorchester Wisconsin!

  37. glenn s

    glenn s

    2 ай мурун

    And Meyers is American made vs the other which is Canadian

  38. Keith Raisor

    Keith Raisor

    2 ай мурун

    Enjoy your videos when your working with the cows keep up the good work

  39. TheKeatons4


    2 ай мурун

    You know what would be cool... do the mixer at night and throw like 10 glow stick in there.... just to see how well and fast it mixes. It would probably break so make sure its not some feed your going to give the cows. Just a thought.

  40. NOVA Dash Cam

    NOVA Dash Cam

    2 ай мурун

    69 people disliked this video because of the farm getting rid of the Trioliet!

  41. Bob Watson

    Bob Watson

    2 ай мурун

    It seems to fire it out a more consistent rate. You could probably go faster and unload it faster and get it done faster.

  42. Evan Murray

    Evan Murray

    3 ай мурун

    What tractors do ye have

  43. Steve Main

    Steve Main

    3 ай мурун

    a John Deere 4240, when I was working on my dads dairy farm near Sarnia, Ontario when I was 16 (41 now) we had this tractor!! The insides of that tractor brought back memories of 18 hours in it plowing fields with only AM stations on the radio! Brought back lots of memories also that PTO yellow handle to engauge and the hydraulic connectors. Man I miss farming, but I don't!

  44. Jose JC.h. dalton

    Jose JC.h. dalton

    3 ай мурун


  45. Ag with Aaron

    Ag with Aaron

    3 ай мурун

    Nice mixer! Hope it works out well for you!

  46. Russell Petrie

    Russell Petrie

    3 ай мурун

    if theres a way of speeding up the belt it might throew the feed offf further save having a third set of spools to slide the belt

  47. Bambilaya Gatoslaya

    Bambilaya Gatoslaya

    3 ай мурун

    Congrats on 300k

  48. Ethan Hanes

    Ethan Hanes

    3 ай мурун

    How many hours are on that tractor?

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      3 ай мурун


  49. cityboyfarmin


    3 ай мурун

    pressure washing is so relaxing

  50. Phillip Fuhrman

    Phillip Fuhrman

    3 ай мурун

    I love watching your videos you give a great perspective about how farming 🚜 is

  51. Tdgg Ghfgh

    Tdgg Ghfgh

    3 ай мурун

    Hellov in Ykreini like y fermung

  52. add2700


    3 ай мурун

    nice machine.

  53. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

    WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot Ranch

    3 ай мурун

    Time to upgrade feed tractor.

  54. Austin Zerbe

    Austin Zerbe

    3 ай мурун

    On Amazon look up hydronic splitter then chose the one that is electric then plug it in hook it up to your battery then you can hook up more hydraulics leave your email in the description on your next video and I will send you the link

  55. D Herauf

    D Herauf

    3 ай мурун

    You guys need to clean your equipment more often and it will last longer and look good at the same time too ! :-)

  56. Andrew Roberts

    Andrew Roberts

    3 ай мурун

    Awesome video thanks for making it.

  57. MrGjc310148


    3 ай мурун

    hi erik,wife,daughter,and all families,happy new year,gnz

  58. Grant M

    Grant M

    3 ай мурун

    Would teeing the side shift in to the remote on the hyd belt loop allow you to slide the turn the belt on, sliding to which ever side, might need a priority valve. Nice rig! Be interested in a closeup of the 2speed gearbox electric shifter.



    3 ай мурун

    Just finished watching all your videos. Keep them coming, love them...

  60. Tammy Baker

    Tammy Baker

    3 ай мурун

    Nice job! Job well done.

  61. Pauline Jordan

    Pauline Jordan

    3 ай мурун

    The cows even know it’s different! You can see them looking at it for a few seconds before they start to eat 😊

  62. Alex Peter the 5th

    Alex Peter the 5th

    3 ай мурун

    Congrats on 300k subscribers!!

  63. Peter Haan

    Peter Haan

    3 ай мурун

    Wow! Even with you standing next to it I never realized just how big your old mixer was until you were standing on the mixing auger cleaning the sides. Hope it goes to a good home!

  64. Jamie Mcgurl

    Jamie Mcgurl

    3 ай мурун

    Best of luck with the new mixer 👍 very good video, Jamie from Ireland 🇮🇪

  65. Christina Hewitt

    Christina Hewitt

    3 ай мурун

    Nice mixer Eric god bless

  66. Charlie Carr

    Charlie Carr

    3 ай мурун

    Will you do the bale off, Tom pemberton nominated you

  67. Aren Faust

    Aren Faust

    3 ай мурун

    They sell SCV splitter with an electric valve to give you the third set. Plugs into the initial and makes two sets. Would work good for that if you want to keep using that tractor on the mixer. I believe the cost is around $500. We got one for our JD for when running the manure pump and it works great.

  68. two brothers

    two brothers

    3 ай мурун

    ever think of ceramic coating the new equipment to make cleaning easier?

  69. Anthony Hengst

    Anthony Hengst

    3 ай мурун

    Meyer equipment.... The pride of Dorchester WI. (not far from where I live)

  70. mike clifton

    mike clifton

    3 ай мурун

    Once those walls and the augers shine up it will be better

  71. CSV90 GAMING


    3 ай мурун

    Hello how long does it take to ferment a silage bunker? and how long does it take you? and what herd of cows?

  72. Derek Mo

    Derek Mo

    3 ай мурун

    Love the new mixer. Also congrats on hitting 300,000 subs. Looking forward to another year of great farming videos.

  73. gall dragincc

    gall dragincc

    3 ай мурун

    What do you use for editing ur videos?

  74. Dylan Lindsey

    Dylan Lindsey

    3 ай мурун

    Congrats on 300k subs!!!!

  75. Galen Teunissen

    Galen Teunissen

    3 ай мурун

    It's pretty easy for to add a 3rd remote. Just pick up the parts from a salvage yard.

  76. Ben Jenkins

    Ben Jenkins

    3 ай мурун

    sprayway is the freakin greatest

  77. kyle bentum

    kyle bentum

    3 ай мурун

    Congratulations on the 300k u r the best KGkeyr and great vid

  78. Grant Wells

    Grant Wells

    3 ай мурун

    i've got the same feed mixer

  79. wayne maddy

    wayne maddy

    3 ай мурун

    Why didn’t you wash your tractor while you were washing?

  80. Denny Perry

    Denny Perry

    3 ай мурун

    Congratulations on 300k subscribers

  81. Funny Stuff

    Funny Stuff

    3 ай мурун

    You know as a recommendation to meter they should make a joystick for the mixer so it doesn’t take as many hydraulic remotes

  82. Kincaid Mitchell

    Kincaid Mitchell

    3 ай мурун

    You just hit 300,000 subs

  83. Jacob Prochniak

    Jacob Prochniak

    3 ай мурун

    when it freezes in MN on farms : on dang it in city's: o noooooooooooooooooooooo

  84. Jeep Military

    Jeep Military

    3 ай мурун

    i like how you showed how you had worked through things with the old feeder and how much difference is in the new one. Also, you point that with any new equipment there is still a learning curve no matter how experienced you are. FYI - I remember feeding by hand with a wheel barrow. Granted I worked on a very small dairy of about 120 head. Keep up the awesome work.

  85. redstuff


    3 ай мурун

    Quick question. Do brown cows make chocolate milk or do you feed a normal cow coco beans. Also can you explain the whole strawberry milk situation.

  86. Farming Fixing & Fabricating

    Farming Fixing & Fabricating

    3 ай мурун

    Nice mixer there bud

    • 10th Generation Dairyman

      10th Generation Dairyman

      3 ай мурун

      Thanks Andy

  87. CM Riders

    CM Riders

    3 ай мурун

    The Case Tractor 7250 is always outside?☹

  88. Damijan Kirbiš

    Damijan Kirbiš

    3 ай мурун

    300k subs🎉🎉

  89. Brady Jones

    Brady Jones

    3 ай мурун

    You might look into hard facing welding rod to help with wear.

  90. Guggisberg Farms

    Guggisberg Farms

    3 ай мурун

    Where'd you get them sliding cattle Gates looking for info

  91. Bay Area Sparky

    Bay Area Sparky

    3 ай мурун

    Congratulations on the new mixer Eric.

  92. The Ripper

    The Ripper

    3 ай мурун

    Nice upgrade

  93. Kaboose


    3 ай мурун

    I was to excited when I saw the title... hahaha, like i was getting something new.

  94. Jaxson Ogden

    Jaxson Ogden

    3 ай мурун

    I just bought a new heifer and I’m 12 she was 270 dollars 6 weeks of ween and it broke our beard wire and escaped and we can’t find it and I only had it for a week that was like all my chrithmas money

  95. Chef Beats

    Chef Beats

    3 ай мурун

    Did you inherit your job or did you go to college? And if you went to college, what was the major called? Is it agriculture or something else?

  96. Aidan Harp

    Aidan Harp

    3 ай мурун

    Congratulations on 300k!!!

  97. Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson

    3 ай мурун

    Your videos remain simple, honest and real - a testament to your character, integrity and humility. Keep up the good work!

  98. Noah Kirkland

    Noah Kirkland

    3 ай мурун

    Just wondering what do you get your water for your farm with

  99. BWO


    3 ай мурун

    To bad you are not closer to the Detail Geek

  100. Paul F

    Paul F

    3 ай мурун

    Nice to see your dad take over the camera while you were dropping feed, careful he’s going to start his own channel and compete. I was expected to see a case of Mtn Dew from Messicks when you opened the door on the mixer the first time.