Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Part 1

Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Part 1!! In this documentary I give a detailed storytelling of the early days of the Dream SMP as well as the Disc Saga. In this series I will cover everything from the L'manburg Revolution, to the Election Arc, Fetival of the Dream SMP, Manburg and the stories and development of many of the players!! This Minecraft Documentary is the next installment in a line of new content I am posting. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!

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Big thanks to my sister Kaiya and cousin Preston for helping get replay shots!!

Intro: ( 00:00 )
Before Tommy: ( 01:08 )
After Tommy: ( 04:47 )
The Great Dream War: ( 06:57 )
Tubbo Introduced: ( 10:31 )
Cave Finale: ( 11:40 )
The Build Battle: ( 14:27 )
The Final Fight: ( 19:33 )
The Cliffhanger: ( 25:25 )
Conclusion: ( 26:38 )

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    Watch Part 2 Here --------> kgkey.info/block/rImIqsytjaSnqGU/video.html

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    Why did you call dream the bad guy man that sucks you cant see that it was all of the tommy

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    the fact that there are sections for "before and after tommy" proves that tommy is just (idk man) big to the server, also may i just ask who in this world just decides "oh lets join this server and kill someone repeatedly, claim every property as my own and start a war for a disk :D" XDXD (btw this is a joke ^^)

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    When you already knew what happened and just came here for the nostalgia

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    for someone who joined in february and had trouble catching up this is extremely helpful thank you

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    Minecraft history class 🤣

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    This sgivin me stone ocean vibes with how dream took 2 discs and tommyinnit needs to get them back

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    My bday is on April 25th :D

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    I played in his world and killed me like a dog

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    Tommy just brought all his friends from smp earth

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    Let me guess the main character of the hole story is Tommyinnit?? am i right!?

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    so war happened over music dics??

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    7:55 *Everybody Fighting Chat: Dream joined the game Also everybody who fought: (chuckles) I'm in danger.

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    Could end the DREAM of securing the disks. Ha...ha....Punz. Yeah, I'm great at those...

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    holy hell this is like a movie !! thank you !!

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    Tommy’s timeline of dsmp Tommy joins Tommy annoys Tommy gets banned Tommy joins Tommy follows rules Tommy causes destruction Tommy causes war Tommy joins sapnap Tommy ends war Tommy builds house Tommy’s disks get stolen Tommy and sapnap try to get disks Tommy tries to negotiate Tommy steals disk back Tommy hides disk Tommy invites Tubbo Tommy and tubbo fight together Tommy sap and tubbo plan Tommy sap and tubbo try plan Tommy sap and tubbo fail Tommy sap and tubbo try again Tommy sap and tubbo won Tommy has disks again Tommy hides disks Tommy’s house gets blown up Tommy’s disks gets stolen again Tommy tries to negotiate Tommy tries to portal trap dream Tommy’s trap doesn’t work Tommy and tubbo die Tommy tries another time negotiate Tommy’s negotiation failed Tommy gets disk Tommy loses disk to dream Tommy gets disk Tommy throws disk to tubbo Tommy’s disk is back to dream Tommy tries to scam Tommy scams dream Tommy has disk and chest plate Tommy has fake disks Tommy and tubbo fight 2 others Tommy and tubbo plan to find disks Tommy and tubbo hack Tommy and tubbo break in Tommy and tubbo don’t find disk Tommy and tubbo run from dream Tommy makes trade Tommy and tubbo win war Tommy has disks Tommy and tubbo sit on bench Tommy and tubbo hide disks Tommy and tubbo plan enderchest Tommy and tubbo are stalked by dream Tommy and tubbo plan Tommy and tubbo are chased Tommy gets obsidian after chased Tommy and tubbo build enderchest Tommy and tubbo hide disks Tommy ends war by hiding disks Tommy and Wilbur meet

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    The Founding Titan

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    Why is this so anime?

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    pov: you don’t here callahan in the ogs

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    Stina, FNAF and Roblox

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    My friend talks about this all the time and my fyp is filled by this, so why not explore the dream smp?

    • AnaMelodi2911


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      I've been ignoring about this Minecraft server (and my friends who talks about it) for *AGES* until one day...I came across Sadist's animations on "Dream VS Technoblade" and yeahhhh...pretty much that's how I got into this!😂

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    Tyssssm for this, I have been really wanting to learn the plot because all my friends have been really into it and this is a fast way to do it!

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    Stupid disk war.

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    tommy is the reason for everything so that 17 year old child should be banned permanently

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    What i have learnt is never build your house with wood or else it will get burnt. ( It hurts)

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    im not allowed to watch much youtube so i can't watch every single 5 hour technoblade so this is a very helpful summary of the dsmp

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    You earned a sub :D

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    People said that Tommy started all the war and stuff but I am pretty sure that ponk did

  33. gidwaniamar


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    Can we just appreciate all of the hard work he did with this video (ain't a bot btw just saying)

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    My name is Evan

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    Pepsitea :D

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    Though, I'm still exploring the fandom, this actually made me shed a tear or two... Amazing documentary.

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    Quyên Lệ Trần

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    I really like how this is documented like a very serious war when it's just 2 boys fighting over discs

  44. Rosemary80


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    "The community house, which still stands today." Me in 2021 and shit: Hah, that...that didn't age well...at all-

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    Copen Hagger

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    How come when the fake discs were revealed I was like "Hooooly sht!!" Dream is an actual big brain dude holy shit

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    Tommy looked so young omg-



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    300k + likes

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    Nova.cos. Deku

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    • Connor Rehkopf

      Connor Rehkopf

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      @Soulseeker's Dungeon where is it

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    So this episode is literally just the The Battle for Peace at the start which dream failed to secure and then it was the Disk War I and II where dream won the first and lost the second

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    I've watched too many videos on the dsmp that I feel guilty that I don't know anything about the lore, so here we are, hope my mind won't explode, heard the lore is complex Edit 7:51 : WHATTHEFUCK I DIDN'T KNOW THIS HAD THIS MUCH DRAMA Edit 15:04 : Tf they are legit fighting over some disks omg 😭😂 Edit 19:33 : Dude now I get why ppl are so invested into this, watching two dudes fight for a disk Edit 25:40 : This is the most interesting yet ridiculous storyline I've seen in a while

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