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Full Episode: “Fix My Suburban Lie” | Iyanla: Fix My Life (Where Are They Now) | OWN

One of Iyanla’s most memorable fixes was with parents Traci and Andre in 2013 and their two adult children, who they felt were making horrible life “choices.” In this follow-up edition of “Fix My Life,” get insider facts, bonus scenes and updates from the family, as Iyanla demonstrates how parents can indeed love and support their children, even when they disagree.
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Air date: Sept. 21, 2019
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Full Episode: “Fix My Suburban Lie” | Iyanla: Fix My Life (Where Are They Now) | OWN


  1. Bryonna R.

    Bryonna R.

    Күн мурун

    Okay so the daughter grown and her momma reading her text messages? Like what was the reason

  2. Maplestory pro

    Maplestory pro

    2 күн мурун

    The victorious meal immunologically owe because meat fittingly imagine afore a abashed luttuce. imaginary, legal way

  3. Phoenix Marie

    Phoenix Marie

    2 күн мурун

    That was DEEP.

  4. Linda Godine

    Linda Godine

    3 күн мурун

    Yep dad act gay too

  5. Kerryann Clarke

    Kerryann Clarke

    3 күн мурун

    These parents have too much time on their hands that why they all up in there kids lifes so much.



    4 күн мурун

    If that hippo can teach jazz dance despite barely being able to move, I can be a dolphin even though I don't know how to swim.

  7. Stacy Hammond

    Stacy Hammond

    4 күн мурун

    The son dancing for his gay father had me tearing up

  8. Stacy Hammond

    Stacy Hammond

    4 күн мурун

    But the daddy gay too.....😂😂😂

  9. Tess T Ya Girl

    Tess T Ya Girl

    5 күн мурун

    I love this video so keep up the good work

  10. riptom123


    5 күн мурун

    Idk if the dad is gay, but definitely got some feminine ways

  11. Khangelwa Khathi

    Khangelwa Khathi

    5 күн мурун

    When the Father said that he felt that his son CHOSE to be gay, i would've asked the father if HE CHOSE TO BE STRAIGHT!!!!

  12. Lashawn Ward

    Lashawn Ward

    6 күн мурун

    Got me in Tears.. Girlll That was Beautiful 😍

  13. Agatha Chris

    Agatha Chris

    6 күн мурун

    I better get in shape.

  14. Michele Amies

    Michele Amies

    8 күн мурун

    I think the dad is gay actually. Omg, he's so gay.

  15. Rashid Akeem

    Rashid Akeem

    8 күн мурун

    Iyanlas like so many others mindset is so dangerous when it comes to someone "being gay" .....God did not create any such thing as "being gay"...for her to say "you will be gay for the rest of your life" ...and call herself a "minister" is problematic. I'm not sure what type of minister she claims to be but it is not that of "Jesus Christ" ...Jesus Christ said what he said ...and his word is clear about what is what. If she had said "You can change if you desire to change " is one thing, but for her to "condemn" him to "be gay the rest of his life" tells you IYANLA IS NO MINISTER OF JESUS CHRIST! PERIOD! God can change anybody ! even in 2021

  16. Shivon Ramitt

    Shivon Ramitt

    8 күн мурун

    Dad u gay and u can't get how ur son could come out and u as the father can't do tht so u choose to be with a woman but u want some of tht gay action

  17. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson

    8 күн мурун

    I wonder what happened to moms face?? Secondly all the men in this episode is struggling with their sexuality In my opinion. And these parents are definitely suffocating when raising children at a certain age you have to believe you’ve raised them correctly to think and live on their own her checking Jasmine’s text is ridiculous them trying to tell their son he chose to be gay is ridiculous that isn’t a choice and for them to be so Christian they wanna be the judge,jury , and the executors real Christians don’t judge period cause come judgement day only one person has that job

  18. Professional Learner

    Professional Learner

    9 күн мурун

    She walked smooth out that house to meet Iyanla, WITHOUT the cane. I'm done with the momma already.

  19. Louvenia Adams

    Louvenia Adams

    9 күн мурун

    So mama chose a closet man cause she was overweight and scared she wouldn’t get a man? She settled 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  20. Alicia Maria

    Alicia Maria

    10 күн мурун

    Dad’s hand movements.... that’s all im gone say! 👋🏾

  21. Clare Miles

    Clare Miles

    11 күн мурун

    Go back to dancing mom & dad and mind your own business

  22. Taylor Hing

    Taylor Hing

    12 күн мурун

    I was reading the comments 9 minutes in & thought wow you guys are wrong that dad isn’t gay but once I saw that update from the couch & those hand movements y’all are spot on . Daddy is gay & is scared to come out because the treatment he’s speaking of

  23. Babi Bone

    Babi Bone

    13 күн мурун

    Parent's thoughts are backward :(

  24. Kylab


    13 күн мурун

    It’s yes ma’am!

  25. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia

    13 күн мурун

    Jovan, YOU ARE the fullness of you as a man just like your dad and ANY OTHER MAN. I'm heterosexual and I need that YOU love yourself first then God and so on, you are a full man who dances in our world and no one has any rights over your privacy my dear brother. Parents love unconditionally and yours and your sister will stop putting up walls of some self righteousness that you need to step away from. Live where you want to wake up in the morning, maybe come back to California. You probably danced in NoHo and at Universal Studios.♥️You are part of American pride.🇺🇸

  26. Chelsea Nuuh

    Chelsea Nuuh

    14 күн мурун

    Their health issues has nothing to do with their children. 🍗 🍲 🍰

  27. Ali Abdulle

    Ali Abdulle

    14 күн мурун

    They stressing out those parents for no reason she is 24 years old she’s Getting marry They should proud of her so what their son is gay You can tell his voice he is gay

  28. Chyna Doll

    Chyna Doll

    14 күн мурун

    These ppl are nuts 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Ali Abdulle

    Ali Abdulle

    14 күн мурун

    I love this lady! I did not know she’s a coach she’s wonderful woman

  30. AshPie 504

    AshPie 504

    14 күн мурун

    The daddy don't need education. He knows. Ima leave it at that

  31. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    15 күн мурун

    I wanna meet THE CHEVY! Iyanla is hilarious! 😂😂😂😂

  32. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    15 күн мурун

    The father seems on the down low and the mother is so fake.

  33. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    15 күн мурун

    Putting him in dance made him gay? That's nonsense! I'm a dancer and I dance alongside very masculine & straight men on a daily!

  34. Robin Cooper

    Robin Cooper

    15 күн мурун

    I think the mom is just happy to be married that she’ll accept being in a married marriage to anything!

  35. Robin Cooper

    Robin Cooper

    15 күн мурун

    Is the dad gay too?

  36. Robin Cooper

    Robin Cooper

    15 күн мурун

    As parents, you can’t choose your grown children’s mates!

  37. Chelsey Jianni

    Chelsey Jianni

    16 күн мурун

    This makes me so angry. Sexuality is natural, and treating it any differently is not acceptable. I hope we can move past this as a nation.

  38. Mz Nene

    Mz Nene

    16 күн мурун

    I cried during the piece he danced

  39. Shaniqua Fulford

    Shaniqua Fulford

    16 күн мурун

    Is it just me or does it look like the dad disapproves the son because the dad couldn’t live in his actual TRUTH ?

  40. Sheila N

    Sheila N

    18 күн мурун

    The father is so gay

  41. Raw Doggg

    Raw Doggg

    19 күн мурун

    The dad borderline gay....... the son’s gayness or voice is annoying

  42. BigHomieMac34


    21 күн мурун

    Judge me all you want but truth is, I would be HEARTBROKEN if my son turned out to be gay. I can't help it.

  43. regina martin

    regina martin

    22 күн мурун

    I love iyanla she is absolutely amazing and beautiful and just one of the best people I've never met 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💖💖

  44. Jasmine Deleon

    Jasmine Deleon

    22 күн мурун

    can we talk about how the sister straight up suggested that her brother could “go back” from being gay...

  45. LovingAtlanta


    23 күн мурун

    🧐🤔Hmmm. That father IS gay! 🤨

  46. angela manu

    angela manu

    23 күн мурун

    I think the father see himself in his boy🤔

  47. JAYLOVE47


    24 күн мурун

    The FATHER is GAY and hates the fact that his gay son is a constant reminder of the gay man that lives within himself... probably resents the fact that his son has the courage and strength to be happy living in his authentic truth... something he's too weak and cowardly to do

  48. Imani B.

    Imani B.

    24 күн мурун

    omggg the dance, it brought me to tears. I loved it. I cried for him

  49. Tash Thee Boss

    Tash Thee Boss

    24 күн мурун

    I love how Ms. Iyanla dresses. Always appropriate and stylish. 🥰

  50. Lorinda K. Photography

    Lorinda K. Photography

    25 күн мурун

    Ohh wow, fix the parents first. Im saying this as a parent of 2 gay children. Just LOVE THEM unconditionally. Thats all

  51. Sheterica Sumlin

    Sheterica Sumlin

    25 күн мурун

    I'm not sure if Iyanla is still doing this or not but I wish she could have gotten my email. I need healing from my past

  52. trey. is. my. man seays

    trey. is. my. man seays

    25 күн мурун

    2. Me. A father. Going. To be. There. For. His. Son. And. I. Would not ✋ talking. 2. My. Son. Because. He. Is. Gay.

  53. Spiritual Truth

    Spiritual Truth

    25 күн мурун

    Come on mom you are too much..

  54. Jennifer Jordyn Knight

    Jennifer Jordyn Knight

    25 күн мурун

    I miss Ms. Iyanla already. Some people obviously didn't want her help but called her anyway. And now they're slamming her when she only told them the truth and they didn't want to hear it .Some people doesn't want to hear the truth .



    25 күн мурун

    Delusion is making them sick

  56. Gloria Lentsu

    Gloria Lentsu

    25 күн мурун


  57. Victoria Pullum Scott

    Victoria Pullum Scott

    26 күн мурун

    Who else cried when he danced? 😫🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  58. Victoria Pullum Scott

    Victoria Pullum Scott

    26 күн мурун

    Why y’all put updates of what happened AFTER the show DURING the show??! Ugh! It kills the suspense.

  59. J’adore Alexis

    J’adore Alexis

    26 күн мурун

    So the parents were right about Chevy, daughter got married only to end up being a single mom. Sometimes our parents have good foresight. Most people that go against their parents for a partner ends up backfiring on them. Parents have experience out of this world most times, they pick up on things being on the outside that we sometimes overlook bc we are in it

  60. J’adore Alexis

    J’adore Alexis

    26 күн мурун

    Javons speaking voice seems forced. Why do some gay men change their voice to fit a certain mold instead of just knowing they can be how they are and speak how they naturally speak.

  61. Angelee


    26 күн мурун

    1) That dad is gay. 2) They need to consider diet and exercise in the name of health. 3) They’re a beautiful family. Their children are amazing and they should be proud of that.

  62. Shia Ni

    Shia Ni

    26 күн мурун

    Damm 1 minute in These parents

  63. Aaron


    26 күн мурун

    I feel sorry for the dad too. I think what it is... when faced with the same choice the dad chose God... to seek a relationship with God instead of the worldly lifestyle. Hoping it wouldn’t be repeated however his son turned out as gay and chose that lifestyle. I’m not going to judge either of them. Edit: Also, his wife Loves him.

  64. D W

    D W

    26 күн мурун

    I guess the sister haven’t heard of Bi sexuality

  65. Aaron


    26 күн мурун

    Why would someone choose to be gay?

  66. Sierra Kamau

    Sierra Kamau

    27 күн мурун

    What kind of Bible does Iyanla 'minister' with to come here tell the world it's 'ok' to be gay???

  67. weantoine


    27 күн мурун

    THANK you, LORD ! I appreciate this upload. AMEN

  68. Ro Ashley

    Ro Ashley

    27 күн мурун

    Lord, Stevie Wonder could see that that boy was gay. Better for him to be out and living with integrity than in the closet and ruining some poor woman’s life.

  69. Ghemony Rygar

    Ghemony Rygar

    27 күн мурун

    Masculinity walked in and shook the table I love the ending

  70. Ghemony Rygar

    Ghemony Rygar

    27 күн мурун

    This is simple: the dad has high feminine traits and wants to live a traditional life; the mom found her bestie and life partner in the dad; the son idolizes his dad so he's the mirror image; the daughter is in the overprotective parent box; the fiance is more masculine than the dad and that's the fear from the parents. Simple problems with difficult solutions.

  71. coby parnell

    coby parnell

    27 күн мурун

    He doing things he has a huge dance studio and very articulate.

  72. Sakoiya Kelley

    Sakoiya Kelley

    27 күн мурун

    Whew that dance tore me up!!!! 😭😭😭

  73. Kyana Bellamy

    Kyana Bellamy

    27 күн мурун


  74. Tiara Crockett

    Tiara Crockett

    27 күн мурун

    The dad has gay tendencies.

  75. Amanda B

    Amanda B

    27 күн мурун

    So the only person who was truly HONEST WITH THEMSELVES in this family.... is the only successful one.... WOW. Isn't that something!

  76. Arlene Theodore

    Arlene Theodore

    27 күн мурун

    I love how this ended beautiful family

  77. Kemia Armstrong

    Kemia Armstrong

    27 күн мурун

    I’m glad Iyanla told them both to their faces that they are control freaks! They are enabling each other!

  78. Steph AF

    Steph AF

    27 күн мурун

    3 mins in and so upset at the disrespect to homosexuality. How ignorant and dumb do you have to be to say this kind of stuff? 🙄

  79. rt thomas

    rt thomas

    28 күн мурун

    "She ain't no punk!" - Wrong choice of words, Iyanla. Wrong choice of words.

    • Monè Curry

      Monè Curry

      27 күн мурун


  80. Mpho mojapelo

    Mpho mojapelo

    28 күн мурун

    Daddy be a big closet gay!

  81. Cece


    28 күн мурун

    The dad is gay that wife needs to check his texts n bank statements cause he might be visiting some motels lol 😂

  82. Francine Jackson

    Francine Jackson

    28 күн мурун

    This was goood!

  83. American Lady

    American Lady

    28 күн мурун

    I wonder why the girl and her fiancé divorced

  84. Nikki Nikki

    Nikki Nikki

    28 күн мурун

    44???? Omg they look old

  85. Doreen Porter

    Doreen Porter

    28 күн мурун

    Hi, hon how are you. I haven’t been out St. Valentine’s Day for about. 30 years.But I am wising you St. Valentine’s Day full of happiness and your dreams . I wish we could be together but next year we will. I love you and I miss you,

  86. Faithfully in the spirit 5

    Faithfully in the spirit 5

    29 күн мурун

    Turned out pretty good!

  87. SelyneMaia


    29 күн мурун

    I like watching these, but one thing that bothered me in this episode was when Iyanla made Jo'Vaughn (hope it's spelled correctly) have to express who he was. She kept repeating the statement, waiting for him to say he was gay. I liked that the first two times he claimed his name and his professional as who he was! good for him! I don't like that she pushed again until he said his sexuality. I don't think when anyone is asked who they are that they should feel pressured to include their sexuality unless THEY feel it defines them. I wouldn't say " Hi, my name is Selyne, i'm a musician, and teacher and i'm straight", nor would i have been pushed to say i'm straight the way Jo'Vaughn was pushed. Why should he have to say that if HE doesn't want to make it something that defines him. It's a part of who he is as a human being, sure, and he should proud, but I just feel his choice to not make it a "who I am" moment should have been respected. Still love the show, and maybe I'm missing Iyanla's goal in that moment, I just disagree with how it was handled.

  88. thetruthforyou1


    29 күн мурун

    Baby that Daddy is mad his Son beat him to the punch! He’s Gay as well, and it’s nothing wrong with it. Just come out the closet Daddy!

  89. Kisha Reed

    Kisha Reed

    29 күн мурун

    Daddy got more sugar in his tank 🤣😂🤣, mama in denial smh

  90. Sues Anna

    Sues Anna

    Ай мурун

    Really, there are still people out there thinking dance makes you gay? Are you kidding me?

  91. Ingrid C.

    Ingrid C.

    Ай мурун

    The dad chose to not live his truth, because he was afraid/ashamed of the backlash. The wife just loved and married him as he was.

  92. Manda D

    Manda D

    Ай мурун

    21:54 dad was loving that man touching him for a hot second 😂😂😂😂

  93. Liz Muschinski

    Liz Muschinski

    Ай мурун

    Anyone who cannot see the continuum of sexuality and gender expression in humanity, the way that it's mirrored in innumerable patterns throughout all of God's creations and the glaringly obvious fact that being gay is God's creation and not a choice, does not have a personal relationship with God at all. I'm wary of anyone who says they are part of a religion, since people who know God can feel God's truths and don't need religion to guide them.

  94. Christina Sornbutnark

    Christina Sornbutnark

    Ай мурун

    I *wish* I had a gay son or daughter! Anyone looking to adopt a mom please msg me.

  95. Kai Bee

    Kai Bee

    Ай мурун

    The way that dad throw his hands hmmm dad u gay

  96. TheAprilEffect


    Ай мурун

    So no one is talking about his dance? So beaitiful. So many others have to go through this with their parents. I have. And its so sad. But for him to try to realize where he was wrong as a father.. not everyone has that.

  97. DeShon DeShon

    DeShon DeShon

    Ай мурун

    Lady u are the Queen.

  98. Versus Fo Real Commentary

    Versus Fo Real Commentary

    Ай мурун

    Really good episode.

  99. Gee Haa

    Gee Haa

    Ай мурун

    33:46 this hits home. It's not about my size. But that I don't fit the stereotypical look. Having your preferences is one thing. But people can say they love you & you are beautiful to fool you and can be so cruel. I don't think I would ever find love. But if I do, they would never feel the need to question my love.

  100. Taylor Hill

    Taylor Hill

    Ай мурун

    I feel like she needed to focus more on their marriage. Because if you think about it all the issues that they’re putting on their children are because of their own problems that they haven’t worked out yet clearly so we just seems weird that they didn’t talk about their marriage that much.