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MinuteEarth Explains: Battle of the Sexes

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In this collection of classic MinuteEarth videos, we take a look at how deep the divide between males and females actually goes.
We originally created the videos in the “MinuteEarth Explains” series for another project. But we know that lots of people right now are looking for really good online educational content - and something to take their mind off current events - so we decided to release them here as well. We’d love to know what you think, so leave us a comment below!
These are the episodes featured in this compilation:
0:04 - Are any Animals Truly Monogamous?
3:24 - Males vs. Females: Sexual Conflict
6:18 - Why Bird Penises Are So Weird
8:49 - Why It Sucks to Be a Male Hyena
11:27 - Why Do Female Hyenas Have Pseudo-Penises?!


  1. MinuteEarth


    5 ай мурун

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    • pumpkin King

      pumpkin King

      5 күн мурун

      Can you do a wolf hierarchy beta Omega Delta alpha and gamma

    • Brian Cooper

      Brian Cooper

      13 күн мурун

      Both Aesop's fables and the Epistle of Barnabas use the hyenas' reproductive life as a moral illustration. Very interesting stuff.

    • Matok


      4 ай мурун

      @Billy Boel ur mom

    • Billy Boel

      Billy Boel

      4 ай мурун

      @Treta Ghunberg TRUMP 2020

    • Billy Boel

      Billy Boel

      4 ай мурун

      @Matok TRUMP 2020

  2. Samantha Scantland

    Samantha Scantland

    2 күн мурун

    I love your dress

  3. Munahr


    3 күн мурун

    If male and female hyenas have penises how can you tell the diffrence

  4. Alice Taube

    Alice Taube

    4 күн мурун

    I. Like. Frogs.

  5. Evelynn Leung

    Evelynn Leung

    4 күн мурун

    I just noticed how much the female gender sign looks like a stick figure without legs.

  6. Miara Godbell

    Miara Godbell

    5 күн мурун

    If I were a male hyena, I would create my own group full of males, and accepting lonely females to make the thing fairer and maybe fixing this disaster that nature did.

  7. •Merri Berri•

    •Merri Berri•

    5 күн мурун

    *”p e n u s”*

  8. RO Sergio

    RO Sergio

    5 күн мурун

    Being the dominant sex doesn't mean world is easier... Feminists needs to learn this 🤣

  9. bxśįć įś bxśįć

    bxśįć įś bxśįć

    7 күн мурун

    Nobody gonna mention the squirrel holding that suspicious glue bottle? Just me? Okay.

  10. Webber main

    Webber main

    7 күн мурун

    *When matting becomes a chemical warzone*

  11. Krazblox


    7 күн мурун

    Female deer: -_- Why do you have horns? Female hyenas: -_- Why are you dead lol?

  12. chloe the peanut

    chloe the peanut

    8 күн мурун

    2:44 she got a body like an hourglass~



    9 күн мурун

    What the fuck is wrong with nature? What is god doing watching this happen to hyenas?

  14. Syd Shu

    Syd Shu

    11 күн мурун

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  15. Martin Camacho

    Martin Camacho

    12 күн мурун

    They really bad us in the 1st half with them flat worms

  16. lego ghetto

    lego ghetto

    13 күн мурун


  17. Shan’s World And Journey

    Shan’s World And Journey

    13 күн мурун

    this is how many times i heard the (P) word 👇

  18. Shan’s World And Journey

    Shan’s World And Journey

    13 күн мурун

    1:21 DUCK’s -CHEATER SWAN’s-CHEATER MACAW’s-CHEATER me hear’s macaws are cheater’s me : hooowww daaaree yoouuu

  19. Lapis Wolf

    Lapis Wolf

    15 күн мурун

    Why do i get the feeling that the LGBTQ+ is offended by this?

  20. Jolly Salvador

    Jolly Salvador

    16 күн мурун

    Just realized that the spiral line in the thumbnail is just a birds huge dong

  21. Jolly Salvador

    Jolly Salvador

    16 күн мурун

    Evolution then be like : "here my son, have my fabulous wings." Evolution now : "here my son, have my HuGE CoCkadooDle"

  22. Lillian Rose

    Lillian Rose

    17 күн мурун

    Me: finishs watching video Mom: what where you watching Me: O_O.....um well

  23. Johnny Martinez

    Johnny Martinez

    19 күн мурун

    Why did you have to talk about pps?

  24. Anant Goel

    Anant Goel

    21 күн мурун

    Background music?

  25. James Reidy

    James Reidy

    22 күн мурун

    But each gender lacks what the other has so we are pretty much even in something other than society

  26. Cass


    25 күн мурун

    Slightly awkward question but how do seagulls reproduce if they don’t have penises? I mean I’m sure that they ejaculate as normal, but how are they able to transfer the semen into the female if they don’t have an organ to do it with?

  27. Icey Blue Gacha

    Icey Blue Gacha

    26 күн мурун

    You: *Thinking you're going to be something good if you're an animal*

  28. Tyler Parks

    Tyler Parks

    27 күн мурун

    how hasn't this channel been demonitized to death yet

  29. Heinz DufenSmirk

    Heinz DufenSmirk

    28 күн мурун

    Hey didn't know I have the gene of a pelican. Gonna ask my mom if she knows anything about it.

  30. dogma_


    29 күн мурун

    "our favorite primate species, homosapiens!!" our? OUR?

  31. Planet Shiv

    Planet Shiv

    29 күн мурун

    Male bird: you cheating on me? Female bird: um..no At night* Female bird: hey cutie want to go ona date? I’m single

  32. Anime Nerd :D

    Anime Nerd :D

    29 күн мурун

    Can we just call it a gender?

  33. JaggedBird


    Ай мурун

    Man, spotted hyenas have fucking awful lives..

  34. Vincent Lin

    Vincent Lin

    Ай мурун


  35. devilsANG3L123


    Ай мурун

    The least faithful animals are my parents

  36. African cheeto

    African cheeto

    Ай мурун

    So spiders mate with the most behaved? Damn they know respect

  37. IronAmerican Uchiyama

    IronAmerican Uchiyama

    Ай мурун

    Being a hyena would suck no matter the gender

  38. ayaan sayyad

    ayaan sayyad

    Ай мурун

    Yo she looks like Katie Holmes from batman begins

  39. Michael Lorde

    Michael Lorde

    Ай мурун

    Are ancestors what do you mean

  40. FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name

    FuckinGoogleIDont want to use my real name

    Ай мурун

    Yay harems!

  41. Milky simp

    Milky simp

    Ай мурун

    You cheater sign these divorce papers now

  42. Yanzhi Aquino

    Yanzhi Aquino

    Ай мурун

    You didnt have to say the duck penis or give us the picture thats was gross lol

  43. glitchinggamer


    Ай мурун

    6:21 S H L O N G P P

  44. Major Henry Rathbone

    Major Henry Rathbone

    Ай мурун

    plot twist cheating isnt wrong

  45. krafthund


    Ай мурун

    In the next chapter, "A cock's cock". Just to complete the bird penises talk.

  46. DeppJamin


    Ай мурун

    I like the name of the sexes btw way this is my sisters acount I'm too lazy to go in my acount

  47. Hemanth SG

    Hemanth SG

    Ай мурун

    Great videos

  48. Epic Gamer420

    Epic Gamer420

    Ай мурун

    One of those swans is the weed man and the other one is the customer

  49. nick lasiter

    nick lasiter

    Ай мурун

    my favorite animals are hyenas and why why why do the females have ds

  50. bea q

    bea q

    Ай мурун

    So basically reproduction in the animal kingdom boils down "I do this with you because I *have to* but let's be clear I do not like you"

  51. Handsome


    Ай мурун

    Feminists be like: why aint i no hyena ):

  52. Daspapas


    Ай мурун

    666 dislikes, damed

  53. Gulshan Chaurasia

    Gulshan Chaurasia

    Ай мурун

    9:00 hyenas is a living proof of why feminism is a cancer to our society!!

  54. Shadow Crunch

    Shadow Crunch

    Ай мурун

    i have been thinking this but what happens when a male hyena thats in captivity gets more food and care than a female? do the male get stronger and bigger or just the same????

  55. GamerDoggo92


    Ай мурун

    I miss 14 minutes ago when I didn’t know this existed

  56. Erin Beard

    Erin Beard

    Ай мурун


  57. gisele korila

    gisele korila

    Ай мурун

    When a duck got a bigger glizzy than you

  58. Smart person

    Smart person

    Ай мурун

    Angeler fish mate for life

  59. cereal with bleach

    cereal with bleach

    Ай мурун

    female hyenas are just femboys

  60. RandomUser


    Ай мурун

    Pov: hyenas are just gay they're all boys

  61. lucas K!NG

    lucas K!NG

    Ай мурун

    What’s the difference between these pictures and finding a mate 7:01 Homosapians: *“There the same picture”*

  62. Anton Larsson

    Anton Larsson

    Ай мурун

    I think the only appropriate comment on this is: hmmmmmm

  63. Μανώλης Κωστάκης

    Μανώλης Κωστάκης

    Ай мурун

    Who said that homo sapiens are our favourite species ;D

  64. Barbara Hodges

    Barbara Hodges

    Ай мурун


  65. Albert Robespierre

    Albert Robespierre

    Ай мурун

    Its the most raw redpill ive ever swallowed.

  66. BennySpice Spice

    BennySpice Spice

    Ай мурун

    Why can't they not mate the female and live I a boys group

  67. Lesun Ebrahim

    Lesun Ebrahim

    Ай мурун

    Why you talking in sexy way. Talk normally

  68. Jack Matthews

    Jack Matthews

    Ай мурун

    This might be the most interesting video I’ve ever watched

  69. Rabbit Kati

    Rabbit Kati

    Ай мурун

    That girl be lookin like a stick

  70. Manoj Mamgai

    Manoj Mamgai

    Ай мурун

    4:44 is it rape ?

  71. emmy fox

    emmy fox

    Ай мурун

    I hope my parents can't hear me lising to this

  72. emmy fox

    emmy fox

    Ай мурун

    this video is so weard

  73. Kevin Batan

    Kevin Batan

    Ай мурун


  74. Richard Walukow

    Richard Walukow

    Ай мурун

    Hgxzsfffcdff L by smij dll ok ia yourself gan j

  75. ICTFANN 019

    ICTFANN 019

    Ай мурун

    Goodbye, childhood -Mabel Pines, from gravity falls

  76. Jeremy Mize

    Jeremy Mize

    Ай мурун

    And humans...some of us humiliate, berate, beat, rape, and/or murder those who cheat...Honestly, if humans were polyamorous maybe there wouldn't be people getting hurt from finding what they want from other people.

  77. Damian Wipfli

    Damian Wipfli

    Ай мурун

    for widow whistle geese, if its partner dies, they kill them selfs

  78. animalia555


    Ай мурун

    What about Hornbills?

  79. Juicy Moosey

    Juicy Moosey

    Ай мурун

    Now I don't wanna be a hyena in my next life 😬

  80. Reinhard Storm

    Reinhard Storm

    Ай мурун

    Idk what this is all about Humans do that all the time and you don't hear birds complain or make a scene out of it

  81. AjarTadpole7202


    Ай мурун

    You may have outsmarted me, but I just outsmarted your attempt to outsmart me!

  82. Julian Barbosa

    Julian Barbosa

    Ай мурун

    so size matters to certain animal species?



    Ай мурун

    i feel bad for the males

  84. Menos Problemos

    Menos Problemos

    Ай мурун

    Still cute

  85. bycejlle l.

    bycejlle l.

    Ай мурун

    The only monogamous bird is the Philippine eagle. Even after their spouse died. They stay loyal until they die.

  86. Danny Stark

    Danny Stark

    Ай мурун

    You are so beautiful Emily

  87. Sonia Nevermind

    Sonia Nevermind

    Ай мурун


  88. Samirite


    Ай мурун

    The animator drawing the 100th hyena dick:

  89. Samirite


    Ай мурун

    Mom: hey watcha watching Me: *oh no*



    Ай мурун

    Moral of the story: you just plain don't want to be a hyena. Unless you don't care to mate of course.

  91. Nakamoto Yuta

    Nakamoto Yuta

    Ай мурун

    *they made the pseudo-penis for pegging

  92. jasper jessee

    jasper jessee

    Ай мурун

    Ok how did it go to shaming seagulls on not having a penis

    • TGA films abq

      TGA films abq

      Ай мурун

      Me and the homies all have 6 and a half nuts

    • jasper jessee

      jasper jessee

      Ай мурун

      Also why did you make it two weight balls why did it have to be twoooo

  93. Cherry Nation

    Cherry Nation

    Ай мурун

    Fruit flies don't play tho...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. game out

    game out

    Ай мурун

    Imagine the baby when it gets born it just get launched like a canon

  95. SwogFrog


    Ай мурун

    Well this is horrifying and depressing

  96. frogge


    Ай мурун

    This looks caotic

  97. Devilyna


    Ай мурун

    Thats just like real life 🤣🤣

  98. LatteBear シ

    LatteBear シ

    Ай мурун

    I'm not even mad this was recommended to me

  99. BLINK _014

    BLINK _014

    Ай мурун

    This is a best way to educate a child

  100. 2 inch destroyer

    2 inch destroyer

    Ай мурун

    Ahh yes, d u c k p e n i s